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Paris 2014

Volkswagen | Press Conference

At this year’s Paris Motor Show, United Visions contributed a number of visual productions including the entire film and motion graphics package for the Volkswagen press conference. The package consisted of a welcome and photo-shoot loop, countdown/-up, three teaser films, a 3D logo animation and a reveal film.
One of the highlights this year was a 4K screen in the form of the Active Info Display featured in the new Passat! All of the films and motion graphics were adjusted and produced especially to fit this form of LED wall.

Volkswagen took the stage in Paris to showcase no less than four world premieres. Each new model was presented to the captivated audience in different chapters under the motto “Technik und Innovationen” (“Technology and Innovations”).
An atmospheric, photorealistic countdown using images of Paris set the mood for the presentation and created an important link to the event location.
For the world premiere of the Golf Alltrack and the new Polo GTI, which were introduced on stage together, United Visions presented an almost 30-second, entirely graphics-based teaser film. The animated worlds stood out by means of forms and colors typical to the vehicles: the leading role was played by the parallelogram form of the Golf Alltrack logo as well as by the distinctive GTI honeycomb.
In contrast to that, United Visions created an emotional and compelling collage of highlights and successes for the presentation of the WRC Rally Saison 2014, which went very well for Volkswagen.

The new Passat GTE also had its debut in Paris. An exciting animated logo marked the entrance of the new Passat featuring a plug-in hybrid system.
Towards the end of the Volkswagen press conference, the audience was treated to a special appearance: United Visions created an excitement-filled collage of Ducati image material and high-end detail shots of the XL Sport. The escalating rhythm of the film’s editing and music led to mounting positive tension right up until the showdown, i.e. the entrance of the new XL Sport.

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  • Team

    United Visions Berlin

  • Agency

    Vok Dams

  • Client


  • Creative

    Fee Roth

  • Production

    Julia Grabenhorst | Ingrid Wensky

  • Director

    Dieter Zehner

  • Location

    Paris | France

  • Date

    October 2014

  • Music

    Red Rock Production

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