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NAIAS Detroit 2014

Volkswagen | Press Conference

“Inside Volkswagen – News and Interviews” was the name of the game at the 2014 Volkswagen Press Conference in Detroit. With the help of a fast-paced news format, TV presenter Larry Hoff took participants on a dynamic ride through the event. There was much enthusiasm for the Passat BlueMotion Concept, e-Golf and Golf R, however the Volkswagen Beetle Dune received special attention: the Beetle Dune is a reference to the legendary Volkswagen Dune Buggy with a ski rack on its roof.

United Visions created and produced the entire graphics package for the show and succeeded in presenting the audience with the real-life look and feel of a live on-air TV show. The studio set built specifically for the tradeshow consisted of a 16:9 plasma screen behind the presenter and three panel-format plasma columns that featured graphic bumpers and loops also developed by United Visions.

The highlight and simultaneously also the finale of the show was the world premiere of the Beetle Dune. Interestingly, the car had not been available for the shooting of the tradeshow film, which meant that United Visions was obliged to shoot the entire film in the USA using a tracking car, which was then replaced entirely in post-production by the 3D show car.The live entrance of the Beetle Dune was accompanied by the popular band known as “Walk off the Earth,” who themselves were accompanied by the Detroit World Choir.

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  • Agency

    United Visions Berlin

  • Client


  • Creative

    Jörg Wienforth | Stefan Kessner

  • Production

    Julia Grabenhorst | Benedikt Görts | Christian Preßler

  • Director

    Ulrike Plesser | Daniel Steinmetz

  • Location

    Detroit (MI) | USA

  • Date

    January 2014

  • Music

    Red Rock Production | Peter Hayo | Walk on the Earth with the Detroit World Choir

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