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Long-Term Documentary

Volkswagen | Documentary

Volkswagen decided to establish itself once again on the American market with a car factory in Chattanooga, Tennessee. A German-American film team accompanied and documented the entire first construction phases. Presently, we have undertaken over 40 filming operations in order to capture all major events and milestones.
Throughout the years, the team has accompanied the construction process as well as many of the people involved, the city of Chattanooga itself, and its residents.
The collected film material has subsequently been used for a number of different communication purposes and was shot in such a way that it could find the widest use possible.
United Visions generated over 30 films that were subsequently shown at the factory’s opening event, at diverse Volkswagen Group Nights and at several internal Volkswagen conferences, among others. So far, a number of internal training videos were created in addition to the long-term documentary, extensive TV footage, an American movie trailer, German TV reports, an American distributors film and a high-end tradeshow film.

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  • Agency

    United Visions Berlin

  • Client


  • Creative

    Susanne Schmidt

  • Production

    Pia Siewert-Eder | Julia Grabenhorst | Christian Preßler

  • Director

    Susanne Schmidt

  • Location

    Chattanooga | USA

  • Date

    November 2011 – Present

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