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Are You GTI Enough?

Volkswagen | Trade Fair Film

This film was designed to cultivate the GTI genes and target group – and also ultimately to make the GTI community scream for more!

The Golf GTI stands for sportiness, roughness and freedom. It stands against all odds. It’s the people’s Porsche!

The film uses the Golf GTI as a metaphor: It is driven by a very sexy woman and ends with the claim: “Are you GTI enough?” Enough said.

The film’s effect of enhancing various bodily reactions by means of 3D visuals and high-speed slow-motion takes the viewer’s breath away.

The GTI film did make people scream! Indeed, it was an extraordinary and very daring film for Volkswagen.

Edited versions were shown as TV commercials in Latin America. Have a look! All it takes is 1:30 minutes to take you on a ride and shake you to the bone!

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  • Agency

    United Visions

  • Client


  • Creative

    Philip Hollerbach

  • Production

    Dimitrios Karras

  • Director

    Hinrich Pflug

  • Location

    Closed Racetrack | Germany

  • Date

    May 2011

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