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Paris 2014

Volkswagen Group | Group Night

The Volkswagen Group held its 19th exclusive Group Night under the motto “Les Images des Marques” (“The Images of the Brands”). On the cinematic level, United Visions elegantly merged the brand and product messages of the Group’s subsidiaries with Parisian “savoir-vivre.” The ultramodern graphics environment intentionally contrasted with the iconic evening setting.

The full breadth of the Volkswagen brand world emerged in 9 episodes with the title “Un Jour des Marques à Paris” (“A Day of Brands in Paris”). United Visions combined the framework plot, which was produced on-location in Paris, in a transitive manner with footage of the individual brands. One feature worth special mention was the implementation of a 3D depiction of Paris in the form of a high-end architectural model. United Visions used real satellite images to build entire 3D arrondissements and give them a high-quality material form and lighting.Content for the special evening was created and produced by United Visions and served to perfectly complement the live show with the help of 3 LED walls.

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  • Agency

    United Visions Berlin

  • Client


  • Creative

    Jörg Wienforth | Adrian V. Rey

  • Production

    Julia Grabenhorst | Christian Preßler

  • Director

    up and friends GmbH

  • Location

    Paris | France

  • Date

    October 2014

  • Music

    Red Rock Production

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