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Geneva 2014

Volkswagen Group | Group Night

More than 1,500 journalists and VIPs accepted the invitation to attend the Volkswagen Group Night on the eve of the Geneva International Motor Show.
The media package produced for the evening by United Visions featured music by M-C-C GmbH and took inspiration from the motto of the event: Future Tracks. The media package was also carefully tuned to the evening’s stage design, which consisted of Layher-brand scaffolding.

The “Future Tracks” idea made direct reference to the evening’s musical entertainment, which included a number of up-and-coming young European artists. However, more importantly, the motto served to highlight the real stars of the evening, i.e. the world premiere cars embodying the future viability and sustainability of the Volkswagen Group.
United Visions created and produced 15 innovative films to accompany the world premieres of the Group’s various brands and thematic fields, such as the “Plug-In Hybrid.” The multifaceted film styles ranged from progressive and elegant all the way to abstract, with each individual style reflecting the unique positioning of the brand and/or product. In keeping with the “Future Tracks” motto, the evening also featured modern electro beats, which gave the films an innovative music-video character.

With the aim of visually opening up the stage space as much as possible, an additional eight quadratic LED panels were added to the “usual” three 16:9 LED screens. These extra screens made it possible to present the media in an even larger and richer synchronous display. The quadratic panels each had a pixel pitch of 6.2 mm for a total width of 3,997 pixels over all panels. The 16:9 screens also had a pixel pitch of 6mm at full HD resolution.

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  • Agency

    United Visions

  • Client


  • Creative

    Jörg Wienforth | Philip Hollerbach | Stefan Kessner

  • Production

    Julia Grabenhorst | Britta Klapp

  • Director

    up and friends GmbH

  • Location

    Geneva | Switzerland

  • Date

    March 2014

  • Music

    Red Rock Production

  • Photo

    Amanda Holmes

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