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Geneva 2011

Volkswagen Group | Group Night

In February 2011, on the eve of the Geneva Motor Show, Volkswagen invited more than 1,500 international journalists and guests to join them for an exclusive sneak peek at Volkswagen Group’s new products and highlights. United Visions produced films for all of the Volkswagen brands, each one showcasing the latest products and featuring appearances by the brand chairmen, for example in an exciting report from an ice lake in Finland where Bentley achieved a new speed record. United Visions also developed the overall concept for the event, which included a unique CI. On the basis of this concept, they also created a substantial motion graphics package in which each brand was given its own unique graphic world consistent with the live presentation of the highlight vehicle.

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  • Agency

    United Visions Berlin

  • Client


  • Creative

    John Lionel Bandmann | Jörg Wienforth

  • Production

    Pia Siewert-Eder | Fabian Massah

  • Location

    Geneva | Switzerland

  • Date

    February 2011

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