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Fisherman's Friend | TV Spot

When developing a strategy for a cult brand, its greatest strength is often its greatest weakness. Fisherman’s Friend achieved iconic status as the sailor’s lozenge of choice, but how could its corporate identity be expanded without alienating a loyal base of customers? Placing the product in exciting contexts, this series of five television commercials was designed to showcase new flavors and engage a youthful target group while retaining the product’s appeal to an existing demographic.


The campaign enjoyed a successful run across Europe for several months—and in some cases, even years—strengthening the brand’s established image and increasing sales in declining markets.

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  • Team

    United Visions Berlin

  • Agency

    Scholz & Friends Berlin

  • Client

    Fisherman’s Friend

  • Creative

    Oliver Handlos | Florian Schwalme | Michael Johne

  • Production

    Ulrike Peckskamp

  • Director

    Jeroen Mol

  • Location

    Berlin | Germany

  • Date

    May 2010

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