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European Elections - Scream

European Parliament | Viral

On behalf of the European Parliament, United Visions produced three viral advertising spots that were designed to reach first-time voters and young target audiences for the European Elections.

Under the banner “It’s always time to vote,” three spots present three completely different scenarios showing that it’s always possible to cast your vote. The three scenarios involved a screaming young woman being chased by a monster, a cyclist at the head of the pack in the Tour de France and bank robbers on the run.

The spots were broadcast on social networking websites, such as YouTube, where they met with phenomenal success. In just five weeks, approximately half a million users clicked on them and passionately discussed them. In fact, in a number of countries, the spots were at the top of the list for most-watched videos. Likewise, the spots received coverage in a wide range of media sources across Europe. Many TV broadcasters – including Britain’s BBC, Germany’s ARD and Spain’s TVE 1 – featured the spots, and they were also reported on in numerous newspapers, including Le Figaro, La Libération, NRC Handelsblad and BILD.

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  • Team

    United Visions Berlin

  • Agency

    Scholz & Friends Agenda

  • Client

    European Parliament

  • Creative

    Mirko Derpmann

  • Production

    Ulrike Peckskamp

  • Director

    Bernhard Landen

  • Location

    Berlin | Germany

  • Date

    May 2009

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