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Volkswagen | Trade Fair Film

This film was designed to showcase the new E-Bugster concept car: cool, international, arty, masculine and with a touch of heritage. The car was not available at the time of shooting, which meant that the film had to be made with 3D-data and only 8 weeks of production time.

The aim was to develop a concept based on the heritage and status of the car and to preview after launching the car. The visual concept enhances the existing look and feel of the 2011 Beetle, but with a touch of future. The film was realized in cooperation with PIXOMONDO Images, Berlin.

The final film was shown at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show and launched on the Volkswagen website. It had over 200,000 clicks within one week. The stunning full CGI studio-shots of the car provoked comments like: “I want this car! Now!”

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  • Agency

    United Visions Berlin

  • Client


  • Creative

    Alfredo Picard Rockenbach | Dimitrios Karras | Hinrich Pflug

  • Production

    Dimitrios Karras

  • Director

    Hinrich Pflug

  • Location

    Berlin | Germany

  • Date

    January 2012

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