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Jozef Kabaň

ŠKODA | Design Film

Produced for the ŠKODA World Dealer Conference, this film was an essential part of the launch of the new corporate CI and the new design language for the upcoming car models. The goal was the emotional introduction of the new brand values and the emphasis on the importance of precise design for the brand. These core messages were to be communicated by Head of Design Jozef Kabaň via a very personal approach and point of view.

This extra-wide-format film was set in Prague as ŠKODA’s geographic home and core identity. It was shot as one of the first commercial films on the Alexa camera to ensure atmospheric visuals even in the available-light nightly scenes in the city of Prague.

One of the highlights of the World Dealer Conference, the film was later also presented at various press conferences and spread throughout the web.

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  • Agency

    United Visions

  • Client


  • Creative

    Philip Hollerbach

  • Production

    Julia Grabenhorst

  • Director

    Philip Hollerbach

  • Location

    Prague | Czech Republic

  • Date

    February 2011

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