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Contemporary Art

Volkswagen Italdesign Giugiaro | Image Film

The Giugiaro Clipper is a design highlight with sculptured lines, wing doors and roominess through foldable seats with an electric engine. To highlight these design attributes we created analogies to dancers moving in the same form and shape like the car. We orchestrated the performers as dark silhouettes in a white studio. Graphical, slightly electric lines follow the motions of the dancers, retracing the shape of the vehicle and combining both worlds.

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  • Agency

    United Visions Berlin

  • Client

    Volkswagen Group

  • Creative

    Melanie Piorek | Oliver Kähler

  • Production

    Julia Grabenhorst | Benedikt Görts

  • Director

    Melanie Piorek

  • Art Director

    Camila Lombana

  • Location

    Berlin | Germany

  • Date

    March 2014

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