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CC - Performance Creates Elegance

Volkswagen | Relaunch Film

Relaunch and rebranding of the former Passat CC for the US market. Now it’s only VW CC. It’s a luxury car and very stylish. A US market-centered film. No more ties to the VW Passat. Completely different target group.

The idea was based on a key visual, everywhere is CC. Everywhere is design and understatement. The focus is on the performance and design of the car.

A great visual “function follows form” approach shows the car in this slick and glossy film. The rebranding/renaming of the car was a complete success.

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  • Agency

    United Visions Berlin

  • Client


  • Creative

    Markus Roche | Dimitrios Karras

  • Production

    Dimitrios Karras

  • Director

    Markus Roche

  • Location

    LA Area | Las Vegas Area | USA

  • Date

    October 2011

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